Monday, July 21, 2008

Tuesday & Wednesday Road Rides

We've conquered all of the major peaks in Macon County !!! No ride this Tues... Rest up so Pam and Dave can plan a SPATIAL ride for Wed..... We'll start round 2 on July 29, leaving from Loafer's Glory @ 5:30 for Wayah............. gus

So, Wednesday we'll be doing the Burningtown Loop but a different variation - we'll do the Fitness Center route, also the same route we did for the Cancer Benefit Ride. Follow the PINK arrows and we'll head out Rose Creek to 28 to Tellico. Unless, you brave souls want to try going over Saldeer Mtn??? Just remember to take a left after Saldeer or you might be late getting back (AHEM!). We'll meet at the bike shop at 5:30pm.

Pam & Dave
Smoky Mountain Bicycles
179 Highlands Road
Franklin, NC 28734

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