Friday, September 5, 2008

Re: Saturday & Sunday Group Road Ride

Don't forget the Tsali Challenge this weekend, solo Sat., team on Sun. David (Forkner) will race both days!
Hey I recovered a Polar water bottle from this past Wed ride.  If it's yours let me know
I'll return it to the shop, the next ride, or at the Fitness Center.
Ride on!
Tom Forkner

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There is a Saturday morning group ride (roughly 45 miles) leaving from the Clayton Baptist Church parking lot (right next to Clayton Pharmacy on Main Street) at 9 am sharp.  Route is around scenic Lake Burton with some moderate climbing.  Ride this week sponsored by the United Salmon Association. 
Sunday's Group Road Ride will be at 10am from Franklin Fitness Center. 
Have a great weekend.
Pam & Dave
Smoky Mountain Bicycles
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