Saturday, September 13, 2008

ride report

Well we had 4 brave souls risk the MARC sorba ride today.  We went up to sawmill gap on rd. 711 just past the top of wayah mountain. 

In attendance were myself, Scott Baste, Neal Muldoon from Rabun Gap, Craig Tinsley and Chris Guzzetta from Baldwin.  We rode the 15 mile double loop and then stopped at the cars.  They said that they hadn’t had enough so we rode about 12 more making the day 27 miles.  We were all pooped when we got back to the cars the second time.  See the cool photo’s of us and Chris’s arm (not as bad as it looks) at the 14 mile point.  The weather was great and the trail was spectacular.  We all agreed that the 9.3 mile paved road section at the end was well worth it after the 3 mile 2000 descent we had.

In other news, we are planning a trail work day on Saturday September 27th at the Stonewall Falls area.  This will be a hand tool event mostly focusing on the white twister trail which has a lot of downed trees and overhanging stuff.  Bring hand tools.  Lets meet at the waffle house in clayton at 8:00am and then over at the trailhead around 9:00.  don’t go all the way to the parking lot but park at the first power line as that is where the most need is and it is in the middle of the trail so we can split up and catch it all.  We can post a car in the lot to shuttle us back to the beginning making it 2 miles for each group.





Here is a copy of the google map of our route and if you have google earth you can follow the link above and zoom etc.


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