Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Group Rides

MOUNTAIN BIKE RIDE - Sunday at 11AM, we will meet at the bike shop and go to Jack Rabbit.  You can meet at Jack Rabbit at 12PM if you do not want to come to the bike shop first.  For those of you who don't have a mountain bike and have been wanting to give it a try - Jack Rabbit is the place for you!  We have 15 rental bikes available and will be happy to let you use a bike at no charge.  We can transport up to 4 additional bikes.  Just let us know by Friday if you need a bike.  Bring snack or lunch for between laps.
ROAD RIDE - Sunday at 1PM, Franklin Fitness Center.  Route to be determined.
Just a side note, we try to keep your email addresses here at Smoky Mountain Bicycles confidential.  We apologize if you receive or have received any email not approved by us.
Check out the 2008 Tour de Franklin pics on our updated website

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