Thursday, April 2, 2009

SERC #2 Columbia, TN

The 2nd race of the SERC series was in Columbia, TN.  Since the race in Gainesville, FL Charlie has a new 2009 Trek 8500 to race on.  After arriving on Saturday, we went to pre-ride the course.  There had been heavy rains prior to arriving at Columbia, TN and local bike shop informed that Chickasaw can be muddy, so we were prepared, we thought.  It was peanut butter mud, just like you find at Tsali.  Most of the climbs were slick and made it difficult to climb.  After pre-ride, it was off to the car wash to wash all the mud off the bikes and later we were under tornado watch.  Sunday, race day, was windy and cold with temperature of 40 degrees.  Charlie's class had to do 2 - 9 mile laps for 18 miles total.  Charlie was in the lead after the first turn and continued to lead the entire race.  Charlie passed every rider in the Single Speed class who started 2 minutes before Charlie's class.  Charlie finished 1st with 3 minute lead, 3rd place was 6 minutes behind.  CONGRATULATIONS!!!  Awesome Job!

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